Peak E-liquid

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Everest by Peak 25ml shortfill
Everest by Peak is a once in a lifetime experience. Reach for new altitudes with Peak's perfectly ba..
Fuji by Peak 25ml shortfill
Fuji by Peak will fortify your senses! A mouth watering lemonade with a sweet lychee twist, it is as..
K2 by Peak 25ml shortfill
K2 by Peak promises to prepare you for great heights with an endless cloud of guava, clementines and..
Lil' Purp 25ml shortfill
Lil' Purp gives you all the flavour of its bigger brother, just a lil' bit smaller. Get purp’d. G..
Rocky by Peak 25ml shortfill
Rocky by Peak is a complex mix of sweet honeydew, ripe kiwi and succulent red apples. An exhilaratin..