Fj's Eliquid

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FJ's Bae TPD
FJ's Bae (Shortfill) There's no monkying around with this tangy mango ice cream sorbet. Size: ..
FJ's Churronimo TPD
FJ's Churronimo (Shortfill) This insane fusion of vanilla bean ice cream is mashed between two de..
FJ's Cookie Craze TPD
FJ's Cookie Craze (Shortfill) One exhale of this full flavored milky strawberry vanilla sugar coo..
FJ's Frozen TPD
FJ's Frozen (Shortfill) Bundle up and chill out with a refreshing burst of kiwi and wat..
FJ's Lair TPD
FJ's Lair (Shortfill) Enter if you dare… The dragon’s lair has a strong base of Bavaria..
FJ's XOXO (Shortfill) Mmm... Do you smell that? That’s the sweet smell of a hot apple&n..