Fiber Freaks Cotton Blend

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Fiber Freaks Cotton Blend

Fiber Freaks is another innovative product designed and produced by vapours for vapours.

Pack of 4 pads.

Fiber Freaks is available in two densities:

Density 01

The material is airy and is torn by hand in the direction of the fibre (shown on the back of the pack) before being rolled to form a wick. The cotton blend swells very slightly when soaked. For a perfect dosage, make sure that the wick resists slightly when it is placed in the coil.

Density 02

The material is dense. It is cut with scissors in the direction of the fibre (shown on the back of the pack). For a perfect dosage, cut a strip about 3 times the diameter of your coil and make sure that it resists slightly when you put it in place.


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