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3D RDA (clone)

The 3D RDA is a rebuildable drip atomizer with a difference, as unlike any other drips on the market, it features a pump system which keeps the wick moist and prevents is drying out. The device can hold around 1.2ml of liquid and a single pump featured on the top cap allows an easy dripping experience.

Made from Stainless Steel and finished in a nice sleek finish, the 3D has the native connection for the Nemesis or 69 mod. As you would expect it also features an adjustable airflow system which allows the use of 1.2mm, 1.5mm or 1.8mm air holes.



◦       Stainless Steel Body

◦        Silver Plated Contacts

◦       Adjustable Air Flow System

◦       Holds Approx 1.2ml

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